Sahasilp Rivet Industrial Maximizes Auto-parts Production Efficiency

Sahasilp Rivet Industrial Maximizes Auto-parts Production Efficiency

Posted 11 March 2016 / Category: News,Product,Machine

SAHASILP RIVET INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. specializes in manufacturing quality nuts and bolts suitable for different industry sectors. With more 10 years of experience and continuous research & development, the business is committed to improving their manufacturing process that is relevant to future trends and market needs. In order to help manufacturers maximize production efficiency, Sahasilp Rivet Industrial has perfected its utilization of advanced cold forming machines in producing automotive parts, including bolts, nuts, screw rivets and many more.

Creating Standards for Market Needs

Aiming to introduce new standards for the existing market, Mr. Lee Ching-Wen, Managing Director comments “The progress of the automotive industry is governed by the ever-changing trends and demand. To meet these new challenges and reach target customers, we will exhibit our special fasteners that are manufactured in Thailand based on the technical know-hows from Taiwan, so new and international customers will have the best experience with our products in terms of quality, reliability and performance. In addition, our multi-station cold forming technology and skills is prompt to manufacture customizable parts that accommodate our client’s requirement, introducing new standards for market needs. We hope our presence at the Automotive Manufacturing 2015 will attract new partnerships with industrialists from the automotive industry, since we are ready to prioritize this attractive market with the launch of our new factory.”

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